Lipciouss Lip BALM

Lipciouss Lip Balm doubles as an everyday moisturizer and overnight lip treatment for a parched pucker. Lips need extra hydration year-round. Unfortunately, many lip balms and overnight treatments contain ingredients that actually further dry the lips and cause irritation. 

Dr. Sajan’s carefully curated formula combines coconut and rosehip oil, beeswax, and natural minerals to lock in moisture and prevent chapped lips. 

Dry, chapped lips

Moisturize, softens & smooths lips

Bring back soft lips

Lipciouss Lip BALM

Naturally Smooth Lips

Lipciouss Lip Balm improves lip texture and provides silky smoothness with naturally safe ingredients. Naturally derived Lipciouss Lip Balm ingredients include:

Lipciouss Lip BALM

How It Works

The beautiful thing about our Lip Balm is that you can use it during the daytime and as an overnight lip mask. Lipciouss Lip Balm makes for the perfect pre-hydration before applying makeup and keeps your lips smooth throughout the day. Wearing it as an overnight treatment provides the best nourishment and prevents your lips from ever getting too dry.

Thoroughly cleanse and dry your lips, then apply the Lipciouss Lip Balm as an everyday lip moisturizer or leave overnight for intense hydration.

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