Lipciousss Lip MASK

Dr. Sajan’s Lipciouss Lip Mask is a remedy for lips needing extra hydration and a shine boost. These vibrant lip masks work in just fifteen to twenty minutes and can help provide soft, smooth, and healthy lips.

Lip masks are a popular remedy to improve the strength and fullness of the lips. However, many are created with harsh ingredients that sometimes do more harm than good. Dr. Sajan’s Lipciouss Lip Mask is created with safe, natural ingredients to give your lips a perfectly healthy pout.





Lipciousss Lip MASK

Ingredients That Matter

Lipciouss Lip Mask contains collagen and rose flower extract to revitalize and nourish your lips naturally. With a small list of clean ingredients, you can expect stunning benefits like:

Lipciousss Lip MASK

How It Works

Lipciouss Lip Mask works best after thoroughly cleansing and drying your lips. Next, place the lip mask on your lips and do something that makes you happy for fifteen to twenty minutes. (This is self-care, after all.) After fifteen to twenty minutes, remove the mask and massage your lips to increase absorption.

Lipciouss Lip Mask creates stunning results for many people and can provide the ultimate rejuvenation for lips needing a little self-love.

Moisturize and Repair your lips

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